Monday, June 3, 2013

Tool Four: The Miracle of Google

Google Apps (and more specifically, Google Drive) is a terrific utility for teachers. It creates a repository for any kind of document that a teacher would be likely to have, and gives us the ability to share these documents with anyone we choose.

This flexibility is important both for planning classes with other teachers (as in collaborating on a lesson plan) or for placing information for students to use. This semester, I have already used Google Docs as my main holding and distribution center for documents my kids need. Although I haven't used it much so far, I am anticipating I will be integrating the doc sharing and form functions far more frequently in my lesson plans. I am already planning on using the forms function to create an introductory questionnaire for new students next fall.

At any rate, Google Docs is a must-have for teachers. It is great that SBISD has embraced it.

Hope this helps. Good luck in the classroom!

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