Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tool 8: Using the Tools

This semester has been challenging as far as using technology because I have been learning new software along the way (ActivInspire, Skyward) AND I have been a floater without my own classroom. Consequently, I have been hesitant to explore every aspect of technology (such as the Netbooks and the ActivInspire response pods) available to me.

That said, I will be receiving a classroom next year, and have every intention of implementing them within my classroom. From the videos, I learned that each student can have a fully-functioning computer for research and increasing understanding as I am teaching. However, the management of the content will be a concern for me, so part of my classroom procedures will have to reflect a strict monitoring of the content even beyond what the district policies cover (a student can be off-task on approved sites as well as disallowed ones).

I am looking forward to making my learning a far more interactive process in the future, though. I am likely going to record and publish all of my lectures to Youtube, and hopefully, implement a student-driven lecture process.

Good luck in the classroom!

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