Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tool 6: Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion

In contrast to Tool 5, however, web tools can be effective and timely to use as an updating or sharing utility. I have used both Google Docs and Twitter this semester in order to share information with my students and give them vital information for their work.

Here is my Twitter profile:

As can be clearly seen, I use Twitter to disseminate information to any student who follows me. Next semester, I plan to incorporate my Twitter feed into my teaching even more, following my students and using it as the primary way to contact me after hours.

I have also used Google Docs as the repository for files and documents my students need to prepare for class. Here is one such example:

I think that the more you use these tools to make information available, the more fruitful lessons in the classroom will be because they will provide students unlimited opportunities to reinforce their learning and understanding of the materials.

Good luck in the classroom!

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