Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tool 11: Self-reflection

I am looking forward to a greater degree of integration of technology in my classroom. I plan to use the ActivBoard (with its response functions) along with setting up technology stations along the way. I am particularly interested in resources like the Geometry app on iTunes, Mangahigh (for objective-centric videogames), and Google Docs for creating a more interactive learning experience. I imagine that I will use the Mangahigh game regarding equations and shooting asteroids in space as a way of bridging the knowledge for my MMA kids - the Netbooks will probably be an excellent way to do so, and I will probably have a prize for the highest score.

I am no stranger to technology. I have been trained on multiple applications. What has surprised me about the 21st century classroom is not the incorporation of technology into it, but the greater need for teachers to be experts and train their students to effectively use it. For many years, technology education has been an organic, self-directed process - the computer geeks figured it out on their own.

The days of the geek are gone. Everyone must learn to be an effective digital citizen, and it is the job of every teacher, no matter the subject, to instruct students on the proper way to conduct themselves in the virtual space. The biggest challenge will be balancing between this process and the actual nuts-and-bolts of each subject area.

I am excited about all the resources available at SBISD. So, finally, I say to all: good luck in the classroom.


  1. So glad you have benefited from this experience - I am sure your students will reap the benefits as well - congratulations!!!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more - with some much great information available in the digital world no matter what the content - everyone is responsible for helping students learn using the information. It is important that student learn how to validate online resources. How are we teaching those skills to kids?

    Glad you enjoy Mangahigh too!